How I Work
What My Clients Say

"WOW.  That's all I can say.  We are looking at the photos you did for us and simply put, couldn't be more pleased.  They are EXACTLY what we wanted.  Your kindness, meticulous attention to detail, and professionalism all add up to this -- you're the best!  Thank you for providing our family with lifelong memories that we will always cherish."  
      — Kristin

"How will I ever choose?!  They are all wonderful!  You are amazing!  Thank you so much.  Monty looks awesome and I have never felt more beautiful!" 
      — Carol

"Thank you so much for the pictures... I am really pleased with the way that they turned out.  I love how the colours look together and how they enhance each of their faces.  It was nice to meet you and I really appreciate the time that you took with us."         — Susanne 

"The pictures are sooo great!  You did such a wonderful job. We can't express how happy we are with all of them. Our only dilemma now is figuring out which ones we want – it’s hard when they’re all so good!  Thank you again for everything!"  
      — Stefan and Susie  

"Oh my gosh!  You have no idea how much I love those pictures.  I have looked at them about a thousand times today.  You definitely captured her personality.  I can't thank you enough for them."  
     — Megan



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